Jeremy Watson
Recreational Pilot

Flying started for me when I got to fly with my uncle for the first time in a helicopter. I started learning to fly almost 25 years ago. I got to a certain point where I had to make some serious decisions and ended up going into IT, but I had always looked upwards to the sky and wondered. I remember going on countless company flights where I would explain everything that is going on with the aircraft on landing while others simply held on to their seats for dear life. I decided to take the leap back into a career often geared for a much younger audience and risk it all.

I often see students having the exact same experience as myself. The “I started a project” but yet to finish it. I hear them constantly stating that it has been a life long dream. For me, helping them fulfil that dream is really where its at. Life is so short and not doing what you are passionate about usually leaves a void in yourself. Flying has added real life value which I will always have, my next challenge, is to teach others and help them experience the same excitement as myself becoming a pilot. If, I can get through all the exams!