Jeremy Watson
Recreational Pilot


I remember my first flight I was completely nervous but I couldn’t wait to get going, two words, utterly exhilarated. My father purchased my trial introductory flight which if I recall was 60 minutes. I remember taking off and my palms were so sweaty I didn’t think I could hold onto the control column.  Once I let go of the fear I actually really started to enjoy the experience. I was enjoying it so much that I actually flew the plane very well, to a point where the instructor let me land the plane! It was that point that I completely fell in love with aviation as a whole and I knew that I wanted to become a pilot even more. So, I did as much as I could to become a pilot.

As students are walking in for their first trial introductory flight I can see the same trepidation that I had in them and I know if they have the courage to continue they will ultimately become part of an elite community. Of course you get some students coming in just wanting the experience and simply don’t want to ever come back. But for the most, they all love it.

I recently took my daughter up for her first trial introductory flight and I was fortunate enough to come along with her and I could see the same fear and trepidation that I had in her eyes but she persevered and flew the aircraft (better then I did I may add) plus landed the plane just like I had done 25 years ago. She did even better for landing in a cross wind which I didn’t do at her age! She is 11.

I think that if you can overcome your fear you can overcome any obstacle.