Stephen Limkin
Executive Producer

For nearly 20 years Stephen has had a fear of turbulence. Having to travel on commercial and charter flights for his work, he decided to overcome his fear of flying. So be brainstormed an idea and researched what a series could look like before reaching out to the most social media savvy flight school he could find.

After an initial phone call with Jeremy Watson, the Ops manager, he met with the owner and Chief Pilot, Damien Wills. Stephen then presented his proposal to Damien and Jeremy who were also looking at the idea of a Reality TV show and the rest is history.

After meeting with Damien, Stephen then reached out to Jared Bazley to come on board as a producer and co-director. Jared spent a couple of days filming at the flight school before making his decision to get on board. They both realised they were onto something special and that the series would develop into something unique as the personalities presented in the episodes are really strong.

Over the last 6 months the team has worked really hard to produce the first 6 episodes which will begin airing on the 15th March. “We have been hanging out to share them with the aviation community” Jeremy said, “The focus groups have loved watching the episodes and gave us really good feedback.”

So Wednesday will see Episode 1 of the series, launch on YouTube which begins by introducing some of the main characters. “I’m nervous, waiting to release the first episode, and hope people like it as much as we have enjoyed making it for them” Stephen said.

Taking Flight Episode 001 will be available on Wednesday 15th March 2017.